Rob Spelberg Jazz Orchestra

The Rob Spelberg Jazz Orchestra is an all-round big band that plays both traditional and modern big band music on a very high level. This means that in addition to playing swing music at dances, the band often goes beyond playing jazz in the traditional sense to explore that beautiful, exciting area between established music styles. In my music you can hear influences from all the different kinds of music I have been listening to throughout my life. Mixing these multi-flavoured ingredients with a sophisticated use of modern jazz harmony brings forth a new, fresh big band sound.

I strongly believe in the added value of singers in music. Therefore the orchestra works with different singers on a regular basis: Eva Krisper, Lena Mentshell and Evelyn Berkecz. The wide scope of their individual personalities and styles ensures there is always the right voice for the right situation.

Rob Spelberg Jazz Orchestra Kunstbunker 2011

An important goal I have set is to give the chance to young, talented musicians to be featured as soloists. In the past we have has worked with great upcoming instrumentalists such as composer and trumpet player Štěpánka Balcarová; tenor saxophonist Mike Ievtushenko; trombone player Karel Eriksson, who has won awards for best soloist at various international jazz competitions throughout Europe; and composer and alto saxophonist Črt Remic, winner of the 2012 award for best performing artist in Slovenia in the jazz category.

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