Back in Graz for a long weekend

It was great to be back in Graz for a long weekend to work again with my big band there. After dealing with the usual logistic issues (the blessings of being a band leader) we had two great rehearsals: a lot of hard work from the guys in the band, it was a great pleasure! We featured Eva Krisper for a one set concert, for which I arranged some new Tom Waits songs. In addition to that I did King Crimson’s beautiful song Moonchild (from In the Court of the Crimson King), which has a great free section, and a song by Dutch psychedelic band Supersister with the illustrious title: The Schizophrenic Spiral Staircase Gnome (Glooble glooble glub glub glub…). I have to say I feel a bit guilty towards Eva for making her sing so many songs with sad lyrics, but she is so good at them and I have a week spot for this kind of music…

The concert last monday was great: a full house, the band sounded really nice, our soloists kicked ass and Eva was simply beautiful and heartbreaking. I have to give a big thanks to all the musicians who invested their time and energy in playing my music with so much energy and fun, it is a wonderful feeling! Can’t wait for the next project in Graz, for which I already have some special plans.

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